Drip Audio // 2010

Naranja Ha is the first commercial release by the Aeroplane Trio, and represents over eight years of music making. The double-disc package contains the CD “Naranja Ha”, a full-length studio recording that documents the trio’s diverse blend of original composition and free improvisation. In addition, there’s also a DVD featuring a full-length concert video,”Live at Ironworks”, and a mini-documentary, “Getting to Naranja Ha”, detailing the Aeroplane Trio’s creative process through interviews, as well as concert, rehearsal and studio footage.

Aeroplane Trio use a conventional acoustic jazz setting as a platform for their improvisations and compositions. Twisting and contorting their instruments, nothing is sacred in creating the trio’s unique sound. JP Carter (trumpet/cornet), Russell Sholberg (bass/saw) and Skye Brooks (drums/percussion) have found a common sensibility; they make music both delicate and combustible, strange and beautiful.

The Aeroplane Trio was formed in 2001 out of the late night “Aeroplane” improvisation sessions at the Sugar Refinery in Vancouver during a time of great experimental music activity on the West Coast music scene. Each member of the Aeroplane Trio has been championing original creative music for more than a decade, both as leaders and as sidemen. Some of the other groups that they also perform with include the Tony Wilson 6tet, Inhabitants, Fond of Tigers, and the NOW Orchestra. The Aeroplane Trio is a link, even a cornerstone in some instances, to Vancouver’s creative music community.

The trio has performed for several years at the Vancouver International Jazz Festival. Highlights from these performances include a double-bill with Dave Douglas’ Mountain Passages and a collaboration with European improviser Wolfgang Fuchs. In addition to this, the trio has been featured in the New Orchestra Workshop’s “Live at the Cellar” music series and Coastal Jazz and Blues’ Winterruption festival.

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CONNECTION // JP Carter has played with Dan Mangan since 2010


“The tug and pull is wonderful, ranging from ridiculously catchy to squalidly free form.”
– Forest Gospel

“…ripe with cohesion and creativity.”
– Vue Weekly

“This is an exceptional package from three incredibly gifted guys who have created their own musical universe. Impressive stuff.”
– babysue

“A marvellous introduction and great listening and viewing. Grade: A”
– The Province

“…with those moods ranging from the free funk of “Crow’s Nest” to the enigmatic incantations of “Plastic Farm Animals” to the fizzing noisescape of “Whatever Happened to the Sand People”, there’s a lot here to listen to and like.”
– The Georgia Straight

“The trio display masterful songwriting, sonic meditations and straight out grooving.”
– Exclaim!

“The CD features an excellent studio session where the trio plays compositions mostly, in a creative jazz style that seems to owe more to New York than to Vancouver.”
– Monsieur Délire

“…Naranja Ha’s two discs provide as in-depth a portrait of the band in its current state as one might possibly desire.”
– Textura