FU:M // 2011

The name The Crackling refers to songwriter Kenton Loewen’s favorite sound, the sound of burning. From gentle taps of smoking wood, to violent sparks of exploding pine cones and falling branches, the sounds evoked from the idea of crackling set the tone of the album. This album is about the sounds of change, natural and flowing or sudden and vigorous, but above all stimulating and honest.

The album title Keep Full Ambitious is a quote from Kenton’s grandfather, a Russian immigrant from a strong religious background. His advice always struck Kenton as surprisingly hopeful compared to the modest and conservative teachings of other relatives. This album is a homage to the expansive words of his grandfather, to the inspiring words of a humble man.

Listen or purchase via FILEUNDERMUSIC.COM. More info at THECRACKLING.COM

CONNECTION // Kenton Loewen has played with Dan Mangan since 2008. Gord Grdina, Tyson Naylor and JP Carter since 2010