// BEDS BEDS BEDS // 01.05.2014

We did 10 days at The Warehouse here in Vancouver in December.

I have to say, I’m really happy with what we got done in that time. These songs are so unlike our prior albums.


Though there are some sparse moments, the whole collection feels like the work of a band, rather than a singer.


I’m fairly content to shed the “singer/songwriter” label. It’s weird, because those are words that literally describe what it is that I’m doing, but the established social understanding of that term feels very limiting, and not indicative of how I feel about this music.

To that end, we’ve decided that this next album will have the moniker of “Dan Mangan + Blacksmith”. Some time ago, I’d figured that the band had been such a crucial part of how this music has developed, they ought to have a name, but that it couldn’t come from me.


I got a text from our drummer Kenton late on Dec. 21st suggesting Blacksmith. I dig it. Modern life seems to have less and less craftsmanship that involves the kind of patience and focus I imagine a blacksmith to have.


We’re taking a short break for some air and then we’ll get to work piecing everything together. I like a slow process. I’ve learned through making the other three albums that I enjoy having the time to both premeditate ideas and then also analyze them once they’ve been executed.

Working on the HECTOR film score this past autumn opened me up to some new methods of tracking and mixing audio, and I’m bursting with ideas for these tunes, and find myself humming them quietly all day long.


A few of the songs even came from music that Gord and Johnny had written themselves, to which I added some melodies and lyrics. That was new for me.

Needless to say, I’m excited to share all this stuff, but it’s going to take time. I’ll be locked down with Colin Stewart for much of the next few months.

Happy New Year, folks.