Titled in reference to a Kurt Vonnegut poem, Nice, Nice, Very Nice was recorded in Toronto in fall 2008 under the creative eye of producer John Critchley. The players involved were the beginnings of what would become Mangan’s regular band. Nice, Nice, Very Nice also included cameo appearances from several pals including Veda Hille, Mark Berube and Justin Rutledge. The album was short-listed for the Polaris Music Prize.

Side A
1. Road Regrets
2. Robots
3. The Indie Queens Are Waiting
4. Sold
5. Fair Verona

Side B
6. You Silly Git
7. Tina’s Glorious Comeback
8. Et Les Mots Croisés
9. Some People
10. Pine For The Cedars
11. Basket
12. Set The Sails

Release Date:
August 10, 2009

CD | DD | LP

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Official Music Video for “Road Regrets”

Official Music Video for “Robots”

Official Music Video for “The Indie Queens Are Waiting”

Official Music Video for “Sold”

“…Knocks you flat on your ass… Mangan’s career is clearly on the rise. Hop on board and enjoy the ride.”

“From his unusual and razor-sharp phrasing to the sage poetry in his everyday-life observations, he’s in the ranks of geniuses such as Greg Brown, Nick Drake or Badly Drawn Boy.”
-The Province

“He’s an observer in the sense you’d want to join him on a patio for a drink just to see the city through his eyes for an afternoon. Until then, Nice, Nice, Very Nice effectively lets you pretend for just over 40 mesmerizing minutes.”

“With some of his strongest work to date and an already large fan-base, Nice, Nice, Very Nice could very well be the album that solidifies Mangan as the standout artist he is.”

“It’s hard to believe that this new collection of stellar songs won’t help him leave each tour stop with countless new fans in his corner.”

“Ultimately, it’s that ability to write lyrics that beg for some consideration of their meanings”
-Vue Weekly

“Listeners wouldn’t expect the cheeky content to sail through waves of dynamic choral balladeering and colourful instrumentation, but Mangan doesn’t only pull it off, he makes it soar. “
-SoundProof Magazine