Produced by Colin Stewart (Black Mountain, Cave Singers) at The Hive in Vancouver, Oh Fortune carries collaborations from many esteemed improvisational and experimental musicians including Eyvind Kang (Beck, Bill Frisell, Marc Ribot, John Zorn), Jesse Zubot (Nels Cline, Mats Gustafsson), Gord Grdina (Gary Peacock, Paul Motian), Kenton Loewen (Mats Gustafsson, Jerry Granelli), JP Carter (Fond Of Tigers, Inhabitants) and Peggy Lee (Wayne Horvitz, Veda Hille).

Currents of mortality, isolation, and desperation run through the album, and yet its title comes from a reflection of a ticker-tape parade celebrating the return of Gertrude Ederle to the United States in 1926. For a heartbeat, she was the country’s biggest celebrity. She had just become the first woman to swim the English Channel, and simultaneously the new world-record holder (previously held by a man).

There exists in Oh Fortune this chaos of juxtaposition. It could be taken as a sad or dark album, yet musically it kicks with more ferocity and tenacity than people may expect from Mangan. It debates melancholy while it anticipates incredible moments of glory and victory. It’s not sad, it’s simply honest.

Oh Fortune won the 2012 JUNO Award for “Alternative Album of the Year” and scored Mangan the JUNO for “New Artist of the Year”. It was long-listed for the Polaris Music Prize.

Side A
1. About As Helpful As You Can Be Without Being Any Help At All
2. How Darwinian
3. Post-War Blues
4. If I Am Dead
5. Daffodil
6. Starts With Them, Ends With Us

Side B
7. Oh Fortune
8. Leaves, Trees, Forest
9. Rows Of Houses
10. Regarding Death And Dying
11. Jeopardy

Release Date:
September 27, 2011

CD | DD | LP

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Official Music Video for “Rows Of Houses”

Official Music Video for “Post-War Blues”

Official Music Video for “About As Helpful As You Can Get Without Being Any Help At All”

“Packed with grandiose Grizzly Bear harmonies (highlight – ‘Rows of Houses’) and slow-building, orchestral touches (‘How Darwinian’), Oh Fortune spans a wider spectrum than its folky core might imply, adding a grandeur and a refreshing cerebral spin to proceedings.”

“This is a perspective that strikes, simply, as wise, a fact that is really what separates Mangan from similarly scruffy singer-songwriters, to say nothing of pop musicians in general: Oh Fortune is one of the rare albums that is a kind of education in how to be human in a strange and — as its namesake amply demonstrates — harsh world.”
– The National Post

“Canadian acoustic troubadour invents post-folk…a great artistic leap…Mangan serves up the welcome alternative”
– Q

“On a beautiful record that balances lyrical bleakness with bursts of colour, Mangan confirms his position as one of the most thought-provoking writers of his generation.”
– The Sunday Times

“Oh Fortune offers deeper delights and songs you can truly sink your teeth into.”
– Exclaim!

“Hugely impressive… An album of songs with wry, razor-sharp, self-observational lyrics and arrangements that are deceptively complex.” (4/4)
– The Times

“He released a career defining record, and came back with something much bolder and self-assured than just another song writer record.”
– Herohill

“After hearing Oh Fortune, my heart dropped and my lungs were filled with anticipation. There simply was no room for air, let alone words.”
– The Fulcrum

“Oh Fortune offers musings on the darkness of our times, but the album really resonates because, deep down, these are really Mangan’s stories, his concerns and his questions, delivered with a reinvigorated wit and a reinvented sound.”
– The Vancouver Sun

“Mangan has created a land of dreams on Oh Fortune, showing the same signs of artistic restlessness which have characterized the output of bands like Radiohead and Wilco in recent years. Change can be painful and unsettling, sometimes it’s easier to turn back, but great artists know how liberating and exciting new music can be.”
– The Line Of Best Fit

“Textured, poignant and meticulous as an expressionist painting, Oh Fortune will leave an enduring print in your mind.”
– Hour

“With that fuller and more expansive sound, a Polaris Prize is certainly within reach.”

“A cathartic masterpiece, rectifies the unrest beautifully, earning Mangan a warranted likening to Bon Iver. What’s most impressive is Mangan’s ability to address difficult metaphysical questions without sounding too inflated.”
– Vivoscene

“[Mangan] has leapt ahead not one or two steps, but three or four. ”
– NOW Toronto

“Oh Fortune serves as a major landmark for Canadian independent songwriters, and will likely be seen as one of 2011’s strongest homegrown efforts.”
– Western Gazette

“Mangan’s raw, haunting timbre easily evokes the slate-grey skies, the foreboding trees and the damp chill of a sleepy Northwestern logging town where are nothing as they seem and hidden heartaches linger close to the surface (think David Lynch’s Twin Peaks). This is spine-tingling good stuff from one of Canada’s best songwriters. ”
– Uptown

“Dan Mangan’s always been an unusually sharp example of the singer-songwriter: packing clever hooks with world-wizened lyrics that seem awash in personal details while still being capable of delivering on some universal insight. I suppose that’s really the name of the game, but Mangan’s always been a little better, his songwriting a bit tighter and more confident, with more going on under the surface than. Oh Fortune, his third full-length, only further chisels that reputation into marble.”
– Vue Weekly

“The Vancouver folk singer’s second is much more full but still as stark and beautiful, brilliantly employing horns and strings to support his honeyed baritone.”
– Philadelphia Inquirer

“Although the Vancouverite and Polaris Prize shortlister is the maitre d’, his voice perfectly able to become more gravelly should the crescendo warrant it, this neo-rootsy album feels like a collaborative journey, as if the entire village was needed to enthusiastically exorcise his own dark lyrical demons.”
– Montreal Mirror

“Warm, cold, up, down, dirty, clean, Mangan has mapped it all out quite astutely, with an impressive attention to even the most minor details. Like a tidal wave in a goldfish bowl.”
– Rhythm Circus

“Oh Fortune refuses to take up residence in any pigeonhole”
– Ottawa Express

“it is “Rows of Houses” that blows everything else out of the pool here. I’ll go out on a limb and say it’s one of the songs of the year…Impressive.”
– Impose Magazine