Originally released independently in 2005, Postcards and Daydreaming was re-released in Canada, USA and Australia in 2007/8. The re-released version included new artwork and an extended track “Ash Babe”. The original thousand copy pressing of P&D is disbursed throughout the stereosphere.

1. Not What You Think It Is
2. Unnatural Progression
3. Above The Headlights
4. Journal Of A Narcoleptic
5. Don’t Listen
6. So Much For Everyone
7. Western Wind
8. Fabulous
9. Come Down
10. Some Place To Come Home To
11. Reason To Think Aloud
12. Ash Babe

Release Date:
July 10, 2007
(Original independent release October, 2005)


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“This folk singer may only be 23, but he sings with the soul of Woody Guthrie – if Woody Guthrie had listened to Godspeed (You Black Emperor)”

“The deliciously downbeat Postcards and Daydreaming is a good sulky-day companion for anyone who has already invested in the collected works of Hayden or Crooked Fingers.”
The Georgia Straight

“Reverential elegance… It’s not easy to play slowly but Mangan’s growly ruminations demand it.”
The Province

“There is poetic power here.”

“In the end, the real appeal of this album is that even through a static speaker, it still seems as though Dan Mangan is singing only to you.”
Youthink Magazine

”His gruff croon has enslaved my ears, it’s just so horribly beautiful… Resistance is futile. There is no escape. Let this be a warning – once you’re into this album, there is no getting out.” (Rating: A)

” * * * * * ”
Halifax Daily News

“It is a mystery to me why Dan Mangan has not yet reached superstardom…”
The Ubyssey

“Patrick Watson plays the creepier Jeff Buckley to Dan Mangan’s Damien Rice, but Watson can’t touch Mangan’s live ode to MySpace.”
The Austin Chronicle

“A knack for the kind of sad songs that could potentially drive you to drink.”

“His voice opens up and loats around the room like the smells from my cup of coffee and really let’s you have something to hold onto on those days where everything else seems lost.”
Hero Hill