// “Forgetery” // 03.28.2016

Big thanks to The Amazing Factory for pulling together this beautiful piece on a shoestring budget. Thanks Rainn Wilson for lending his time and craft. Thanks to all the other actors and hosts who took part.

To me, the song is about opening a window into a better version of yourself, and then facing the fact that window may close again. When we have a beautiful honest moment, we want to grab it and squeeze it, and thus, it disappears. FORGETERY is alive and well.

As for the video, as director Andrew Huculiak puts it: “The metaphors and meanings are all but obscured behind a video that most viewers would experience as “a montage of life”. The vignettes stand on their own as visual cues to the theme of simplicity/innocence vs complexity/consumption. This very idea directly relates to Forgetery’s lyrics. A grand moment — an epiphany — in hiding. We are beckoning the viewer to “zoom out” on simple snapshots. This montage gives the the viewer an opportunity to see the bigger picture if she/he chooses to partake. It is an experience that gives what is put in.”