haram group 2


Haram is a 10-piece Arabic/avant-garde group that has many of the musicians in Dan Mangan + Blacksmith in it! Kenton Loewen and Myself (Gord Grdina) are playing drums and Oud respectively. The oud is an Arabic lute-like instrument that is fretless and awesome… Jesse Zubot is on Violin and JP Carter is on Trumpet. They both play regularly with us in Dan’s band. Chris Kelly also sits in from time to time.

I’m writing to you because we’re trying to get to Kansas City next week and have an Indiegogo campaign going to help out with our expenses. It would be great if you could check out this weblink and help us out! You could donate as little as $5 or help to spread the word if you don’t have a lot of cash. There is also a perk that is coming up this Friday Feb 7th that would have you come join us at my home for a private concert with the band!

here’s the link!