// “A Doll’s House / Pavlovia” // 05.19.2016

“A Doll’s House / Pavlovia” from LP Club Meds (2015)

Director: Jason Karman
Director of Photography: Tyler McGrath
Producer: Steve Menchions, Tyler McGrath, Brad Harder, Jason Karman
Production Designer: Steve Menchions
Stunt Coordinator: Maja Aro
Assistant Director / Production Coordinator: Brad Harder
1st AC: Justin Kamal
2nd AC: Jules Le Mason Fletcher
Data Imaging Technician: James Goodman
Script Supervisor: Slatie Chu
Sound Mixer / Foley Artist: Alex Macia
Makeup Artist: Iris Ho
Colourist David Tomiak
Editor: Tyler McGrath
Camera & Lenses Provided by Panavision

Lead Male: Curtis Tweedie
Lead Female: Jill Alanna Nixon
Supporting Female: Megan Danso
Casting Director: James Wilson
Special thanks to Rogues West Actors Studio
Produced with the co-operation of the Union of B.C. Performers