// THE SEARCH IS OVER // 11.29.2013

Insanity. After months of writing, probably spent 30 straight days in studio at 13-17 hours a day. It was a struggle against the clock but the score for HECTOR AND THE SEARCH FOR HAPPINESS is recorded, mixed, delivered, finito.


We tied up the 5.1 surround mix at Emil Berliner Studios, which, though is largely focused on classical music, has some unbelievable and rare gear. Rainer who runs the joint has a few Grammys getting dusty above the espresso machine.

They have an analog studio that can cut straight to vinyl and some of the oldest boards and tape machines I’ve ever seen.


Now that this is over, I can focus on the next record, which we start properly recording in a few weeks. There’s one song from HECTOR that’ll be on the album, and we’ve got a ton of new material to work through. It’s been a busy year and having the time away from the road allowed me to write a lot of music.


At Frankfurt airport waiting to go home. Exciting times.